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Posted on 06-01-2015

Over the last four years, since I started in private practice, people have asked me in a variety of ways  “what is chiropractic”? Initially I would have said “ that’s easy” and rambled on with a very educated monologue about biomechanical interference of the nervous system and so on. The problem is most people were either more confused or just nodded and shook their head in agreement.

The other day I was asked that same question by a 10 year old child who was interested in the profession and it made me stop and think. How would I explain this to a child? What should I say? How much will he understand?

So after thinking about it for a few moments I came to a realization about what I believe chiropractic is. I said the following:

“Chiropractic is a natural, health focused part of medicine. We look at a person’s spine and the supporting boney structure and make sure it is functioning at its best. If we make sure that it is, it reduces stress on the nervous system and the other bodily systems required to live. If we make sure that the body is working at 100% or as close to 100% as we can get it, then a person’s body will be healthier, hence leading to overall better health both mentally and physically”.

Some will comment that that explanation is too simple or not grandiose enough to cover what we do as Doctors of Chiropractic, but let’s remember I was speaking to a 10 year old. If a 10 year old can understand it then any patient will understand the general concept of what Chiropractic is.  

- Dr. Railing

Laura C. said:

Dr. Railing Thank you for advertising in the Newsline where I found you. After a fall where I landed on my elbows I ended up with bilateral frozen shoulders. I gave up on anything that required me to raise my arms above my waist. After consulting an orthopedic doctor who wanted to get invasive very quickly I realized that was not for me. I have always been a strong advocate of acupuncture even though I have never required it. After a couple of months of your gentle skill at adjustments and just 2 acupuncture sessions I am able once again to raise both arms above my head. I also appreciate the time you have spent talking, answering questions and showing me how to exercise. It is my new life style and I owe it all to you. Thank you Dr. Railing, and Cheryl for helping me regain use of my arms. I recommend you to everyone.

2016-02-08 09:02:00

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